Inexplicably, some of our more talented fans have felt compelled to draw fan art, whether it be for the game or about the Astronauts themselves. Most of it sucks, but here's the good stuff.

Irregular Hunter

Irregular Hunter is a freelance cartoonist. While he isn't lancing cartoonists for free, he usually draws anything that comes out of his bizarre sense of imagination. During the Cold War he was one out of five cartoonists to help the CIA discredit the KGB by drawing silly pictures of their leaders, which unfortunately, caused Vietnam. As of now he is working on his graphic novel while working part time as a janitor for the Freelance Astronauts.

Tyler "Venom51" Walpole

After being found by a few elite swat teams sent out by the government to search for him and capture on sight, he was given a very awkward objective. "Make some fan art for these guys that play video games for the internet." Venom517 is a fourteen year old guy who likes vidya games, writing, and normal people stuff, though he does rather enjoy watching people play video games for the internet, when he's not planning world domination or just being lazy.


Draws cartoons between sessions of Counter-Strike: Source and painting Warhammer 40,000 models.


WolfShirt made pictures a couple of times using various everyday things he found around the house.

Ashtray Dentist

Ashtray Dentist is a 17 year-old chick who draws and plays videogames. One could say that, during Summer vacation, she is a lifeless substance that flops across my desk and doodles while watching random people chortle over silly topics, like flying tanks and cows stuck in flesh walls. She is not a goon, also.


Individual pieces created by various artists.

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